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All your metaphors about computers are wrong

With the release of the raspberry pi, a lot of words have been flying around the information super high tubes about why getting children to learn to program computers is so important. BBC’s click informs us that the first users … Continue reading

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Two firesheep denial-of-service attacks

Much ado has been made of firesheep a tool which sniffs networks to find cookies so as to snarf logins from popular websites. Firesheep suffers from the usual flaws of hastily developed prototypes employing packet sniffing as a technique. Denial … Continue reading

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Guilermo and Tarquins Adventures in Programming Land

Guilermo and Tarquin were sitting in Starbucks one day sipping on mocha latte frappucinos like a couple of fruity liberal dandies. “Hello” said Henrietta, approaching their table with the nonchalant hipster gait of a bisexual art student barista. “Would you … Continue reading

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A brief rebuttal of HMG’s response to petition to abandon IE6

HMG, acting on the advice of CESG, have decided not to abandon the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer in government departments. Without having data made available and doing a study it would be impossible for me to rebut CESG’s position … Continue reading

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A primer on injecting win32 executables in to “remote” processes

So you want to get your code to run from within a process other than the one it started in? Traditional ways of doing this include DLL injection whereby the code you want to inject in to another process is … Continue reading

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