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All your metaphors about computers are wrong

With the release of the raspberry pi, a lot of words have been flying around the information super high tubes about why getting children to learn to program computers is so important. BBC’s click informs us that the first users … Continue reading

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Commitment and Civil Disobedience

As long as our citizens and rebels perform protests limited to a day or two of non-violence and minor property damage, they will remain dilettantes in revolution, and tourists in their own land. As long as cold beer, hot food, … Continue reading

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We can’t sit idly by (and watch TV)

What are we supposed to do? Sit idly by and watch while evil happens in the world? When we are the only ones in the world to have been blessed with the unique gift of military might? Well no, when … Continue reading

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Why does the US so often back the bad guys?

To: Mark Mardell CC: BBC News on-line. world desk Hi, I enjoyed reading your recent article which asked “Why is it that the United States ..  has so often found itself backing the bad guys?” The answer seems fairly simple. They … Continue reading

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Who can possibly know the risks of legal highs?

After watching the misinformational BBC show “how [intoxicating and illegal] drugs work” I was inspired to post a (one way) correspondence with the Guardian/Observer newspaper after they published the article “No one can possibly know the risks of taking these … Continue reading

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Two firesheep denial-of-service attacks

Much ado has been made of firesheep a tool which sniffs networks to find cookies so as to snarf logins from popular websites. Firesheep suffers from the usual flaws of hastily developed prototypes employing packet sniffing as a technique. Denial … Continue reading

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A few notes on wikileaks

Much has been made of the exposures of wikileaks. It should also be noted that out of all of their exposures relating to the Afghan and Iraqi adventures, no new significant criminal activities have been exposed. In both cases, the … Continue reading

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Guilermo and Tarquins Adventures in Programming Land

Guilermo and Tarquin were sitting in Starbucks one day sipping on mocha latte frappucinos like a couple of fruity liberal dandies. “Hello” said Henrietta, approaching their table with the nonchalant hipster gait of a bisexual art student barista. “Would you … Continue reading

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A brief note on the inadequacy of metaphors for computer security

Human beings are prone to thinking about the world in terms of innate common sense knowledge. An important basis of science is the acceptance that there is no reason to believe that  the world is understandable in such terms. This … Continue reading

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Voters face “nasty shock” if government economic policy succeeds

From:     Gianni Tedesco To:     Hugh Pym, Chief economics correspondent, BBC News Cc: at bbc Subject:     re: Will the coalition deliver on the economy? Date:     19/08/10 12:56:23 Hi Hugh, In the above mentioned article you … Continue reading

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