We can’t sit idly by (and watch TV)

What are we supposed to do? Sit idly by and watch while evil happens in the world? When we are the only ones in the world to have been blessed with the unique gift of military might?

Well no, when we see evil happen in the world we should probably carry on doing it and then escalate it massively (as in Afghanistan) or maybe we should just increase our direct participation in it (as in Israel).

Failing that we might just sit idly by and not watch it (because it hasn’t been televised) as in Congo. To be fair our government had intervened to block any peacekeeping force from entering. Not to mention we were too busy playing on our Playstation 2’s which contained so many capacitors as to increase the global demand and therefore price of coltan reserves which substantially funded the escalating atrocities in Congo while millions of people were being massacred.

In the case of Gaddafis Libya which came in to power by overthrowing British and French colonialism after Libya had been “liberated” from the Italians it only makes sense that the UK, France and Italy should intervene. After all, if there was a civil war in Poland then Germany and Russia would be the obvious choices to stage an intervention.

We couldn’t possibly let a well respected country like Turkey go there, after all Turkey is weak right? Well they are a NATO member armed with sophisticated weaponry such as fighter jets supplied by the US. They certainly worked well enough to bomb defenceless Kurdish villages massacring hundreds of thousands of people and leaving millions displaced during the 90’s. Right at the time that we “couldn’t sit back and watch atrocities right on the border of NATO (in Kosovo)” but we could certainly participate in a much larger atrocity right inside NATO (in Turkey).

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